Sombra Age Review

Sombra Age Review

Sombra Age is a video game developed by Sony Online Entertainment and released in 2020. A sequel to the well-received Sombra Island, it adds some exciting new elements to the game’s gameplay.

The story of Sombra Island took place in an exotic island, which was called Santorini, which was destroyed during World War II. The island is now a large island off the coast of Brazil. One of the inhabitants, an older woman named Sombra was a secret agent for the Axis during the war. Afterward she joined an organization, which was named the “Black Hand”.

Sombra has been taken prisoner on the island, and now she is being hunted by a group of Nazis called the “The Red Death”. In the game’s story you control her and fight her way through the jungle. Each stage is made up of multiple stages, which are linked together through portals that you can use to travel around different parts of the jungle. You are also free to explore, and look for hidden objects along your path.

There are five different paths that you can take through the jungle. You start off in the beginning and you have to find items, weapons, and other things that will help you fight against the Red Death. The first part of the game is quite interesting, as you find yourself fighting in the middle of the jungle fighting off a few Red Death soldiers, as well as using their weapons to fight off the Red Death soldiers that are trying to kill you.

Eventually the game moves forward, you start off with the Sombra’s Journal, where you can read about the history of the Red Death and what happened when you were taken prisoner. After you complete this journal you get the Sombra Age.

The Sombra Age is actually similar to a video game version of the book The DaVinci Code, as in this case you will have to decipher a puzzle, and use objects to solve puzzles and collect clues, so that you can find a way to escape from the island. There are several levels of puzzles that you must solve in order to complete the game.

The puzzles in Sombra are quite fun, as they all have a lot of action and are easy to solve. You also must solve a couple of smaller puzzles throughout the game to increase the depth of the game and make it more exciting. As you progress through the game, you will come across more puzzles and find a few more secrets that you can uncover, which will make things a bit more complicated. When the levels get more complex, they become harder, but in the end, they are still fun to play.

Overall, I enjoyed the game very much, it is a fun, adventure-filled, and exciting video game. I think that Sombra Age is going to be very popular, and will be an instant hit with children.

It is a game that will entertain anyone and keep them entertained for a long time. The graphics, sound, and overall game play of Sombra Age were fantastic.

I found myself spending hours playing this game, especially when the levels were complex, and there were a lot of puzzles involved. The story line in the game really caught my interest, and the puzzles that were involved kept me on my toes and challenging.

When I am done playing the game, I am going to sit back and relax, and read the books that are included in the game, and go back and replay the levels. that I missed, so that I can try and beat my high score from the first game.

If you like games online, or other types of games, I would recommend that you check out Sombra Age. You will not be disappointed.

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